Client Comments

Marriage Training  CN, December 2013

"I really want to help people but it was the first time I personally experienced and inspired by the systematic and accurate methods during this training. Good listening, being with, appropriate questioning and other people helper skills are essential tools. I learnt how to apply specific topics such as boundaries, love and service in daily living is also first disclosed during the training. I got the strength to live in here and now.

During the learning process, it was beautiful to see how trust and care were inadvertently and impressively deepened through interactions and honest sharing among fellow students and teachers.

This kind of study opened my eyes to realize that a helper’s journey has just began, whether it’s skills, experiences or life.  However, after seeing the teachers’ path, reflecting on my past difficulties, seeing again the many needs around, I am encouraged." 

Marriage Training  XY, December 2013

"The goal of this training is  to equip ourselves and then serve and bless other marriage.  It was with this purpose that we walked into this marriage helper training.  Unexpectedly, we received blessings first!  The training allowed us as a couple the opportunity to systematically sort out and understand the reality of our individual lives and our marriage under professional guidance and a loving and accepting environment.  We have discovered many unknown areas and learned the secrets to a blessed marriage.  Because couples are trained together, a basis was formed for common understanding and realization which made it easier and faster for us to accept one another and communicate with mutual encouragement.  This helped us with personal growth and intimacy in our marriage which led us to witness more as we served.  The training also provided abundant knowledge and skills for marriage counseling and leading groups for couples.  The professional knowledge, methods and skills gave the ability to help others. After the training, we started to lead a group for couples  and with the knowledge and skills we gained from the training, we have a better understanding of the others, the key issues of their problems and apply methods to explore the root of the problems and the possibilities for change.  Furthermore, we are able to help others see their inner strengths to cope with difficulties and challenges of life."

Marriage Training  HN, December 2013

"I participated in the marriage helper training provided by The Bridge during the second half of 2013.  Similar to Dawen’s motto of “Transformation from the heart,” if there is change from the heart, our whole life transforms. What we received from this training is personal growth, understanding myself and my husband more, and our marriage has unobtrusively changed.  My husband often said that the training at the Bridge were really good; we didn't deliberately try to change ourselves and we got changed. We have learned marriage counseling knowledge and skills and group therapy skills.  We were surprised at the instructors’ professionalism and my confidence has increase in helping others with their marriage.  Furthermore, after the training, small supervision groups were formed to help ourselves and it became a backup force for our services.  I especially want to share about the group therapy.  Being real and honest were the characteristics of the group and I learned to promptly and honestly share my own thoughts.  Group members really longed for the small group time.  There, everyone could be more real and by allowing one another to share a lot of healing happened.  From the group we also learned interpersonal skills."

Resources  YJ, October 2013

"I participated in the CCCC conference. During the conference I received a lot of help, it let me feel the deepest connection, so that although you and I have never met, the two books, Cycles of Transformation and The CWF Professional Log Book, let me feel your unrequited love and unconditional help.

I am a marriage and family counselor, I also studied other courses including sand play therapy. I am also very eager to learn more things, if there are other opportunities to learn, also please inform me. Looking forward to next year CCCC. Thank you for helping me."