Child People Helper Trainings

Our Child People Helper Trainings teach the basic concepts for helping and/or counselling children from the Heart.

Each participant learns how to help children while growing in attitude, skills and knowledge.

You will get trained in the process of helping:

•     Connecting: establishing SAFETY; attuning - being in connection with the child throughout all behaviour and situations

•     Understanding: understanding the whole child by understanding the parts- the physical, social, mental, heart, and innermost - and how these parts are connected one to the other

•     Responding: linking the problems with the opportunities, applying interventions

Evaluating and Engaging Help: involving a 'Pyramid of Care' for the child; peer support, supervision and self care for the carer.


Child Worker Conference

 Dawen/The Bridge is hosting a China-wide conference for Child Workers every year. This conference is open to all those who work with children in orphanages, kindergartens, or schools and whether they be migrant children, street kids, or other kinds of children. Through the plenary sessions and a wide range of supplementary workshops and opportunities to network together with other Child Workers, the conference aims to equip those who work with children to do so from the heart, with greater skills, more confidence, and stronger support.

The heart and the innermost needs of human beings are the same anywhere in the world:

To be seen, be heard, and responded to with love!


Contact us

To find out when the next Child Worker Conference will take place and/or to sign up Email to:


To enquire about our Child Worker Trainings email to

wangneng@dawenchina.com (Chinese) or tina@dawenchina.com (English)