Adult People Helper Training Modules


I want to be more effective in helping someone who has depression… I want to serve people around me better… I want to grow in my practical counseling skills.”


If this is what you are also desiring, the CWF Modular training aims to help you achieve this goal. This training is for anyone who is actively helping others on a formal or informal basis and wants to develop or strengthen your counselling skills.


The training is conducted by a team of experienced CWF trainers from the CWF Training Centre (CWFTC). This team of trainers are also experienced CWF counselors and supervisors themselves, thus are able to provide practical and relevant skills based training.


The training is offered China wide. It consists of 3 modules and will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the CWF counselling framework which integrates Psychology and Spirituality.  It will provide you with tools and skills to connect with and understand the whole person, and to work with a variety of problems that are presented when counselling and helping others. 


Module 1 Training (5 days):

1.    It will equip you with a comprehensive understanding of the 5 steps and the 5 symbols of CWF;

2.    It provides an introduction to and practice of basic counselling skills;

3.    It addresses issues of boundaries, self-care, referral, and supervision. 


Module 2 Training (5 days):

1.    It focuses on working with emotions;

2.    It will first help you process and manage your own emotions;

3.    It will equip you with the skills in understanding and managing strong emotions and mental health issues like depression, suicide, anxiety and anger.


Module 3 Training (5 days):

1.    It addresses managing a whole case from beginning to end;

2.    It will help you to understand healthy and unhealthy relationships, especially from an attachment perspective;

3.    It will help you learn to use attachment relationships in therapy;

4.    It will help you learn further skills and tools of therapy intervention.


TASK group (Total of 10 hours):  

Following Module 1 and following Module 2 training, participants will be required to attend the TASK group (peer supervision group) which meets regularly.


Practice Supervision (Total of 6 hours): 

Participants will be required to attend 6 hours of practice supervision before Module 3 training.


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Training Dates for 2015


Training Dates for 2015


Module 1

28 April to 2 May


11 May to 15 May


10 August to 14 August

Inner Mongolia

26 October to 30 October


Module 2

To be confirmed

To be confirmed

Module 3

21 September to 25 September