Dawen Wholeness Institute

Dawen staff understand the need people have for being trained and equipped for life. Dawen Wholeness Institute was established in 2008 to offer professional training in an interactive style. People who have attended our trainings  rate them very highly. The workshops and courses which have been developed are suitable to a range of participants. They can be delivered in a customized fashion to your group if you have more than 10 participants, or go to the Dawen Trainings Calendar to see when the next one will be offered at Dawen.

Level One

Personal Growth assists people to grow in relationship skills, within the context of a safe small facilitated group. Dawen Club offers a place where individuals can gain an introduction to personal growth in a  relaxing and enjoyable fashion. The transitions, self care, and MBTI workshops enhance the overall package of trainings offered at this level. Dawen also offers training for children and young teens in small groups.

Level Two

Family Life offers training for premarriage, marriage, and parenting. The monthly Da Wen Happy Family Club provides a non threatening place to explore family issues, whether parenting or marriage, and learn to apply these principles while supported by others.

Level Three

From the Heart Counseling Training offers training for those desiring to help others – offered for both child worker, adult helper, and marriage enrichment trainer level.

Level Four

Counseling Training & Supervision offers training and supervision for professional counselors.