Counseling is a Relationship

Counseling is a relationship between you the client and a professional counselor. The counselor assists you to grow into greater wholeness as a person, thus achieving a greater level of satisfaction with life and relationships.

Counseling is a Journey

As the client, you are inviting your counselor to share your healing journey. You are in control; the choice to continue is yours, the choice to pause or stop is also yours. Be aware though, that often the very session you feel least like coming to, is often where the breakthrough lies.

Helpful Attitudes

Counseling involves facing personal issues and seeking to livea better life. Adopting the attitudes described in “Attitudes for Personal Growth” will assist you experience a deeper and more holistic counseling process.

Counseling Improves your Life

Our counselors have a wholistic understanding of humanity. We see individuals as being a whole person, made up from social/relational, physical/behavioral, mind/emotional, hearta and spiritual components. Our counselors work with you as you face your challenges.

Build a Pyramid

When possible, you will also be helped by gathering healthy, trustworthy people around you to assist with your healing journey- we call this your pyramid of support. People with a stronger pyramid tend to improve more fully than those witha less robust pyramid. However we recognize that to build a pyramid can be a challenging process for many people. Inthis case, part of counseling can be helping you develop your pyramid.

Length of Counseling

Generally counseling involves a once weekly session of 50-60 minutes. It may involve several focused sessions, (3-6) or a longer term arrangement, depending on the issues you are working on. Your counselor will be able to guide you as to how long you may need. More frequent or longer sessions can be arranged for people from beyond Kunming. These may be followed up on skype/ phone when you return home.


All counseling is carried out with absolute confidentiality. You must have a safe place in which to explore your challenges without fear of judgment or gossip. Our counselors are accepting, respectful people, who believe that all people, no matter their background, have the potential to grow into mature adult human beings. The only situation where confidentiality may need to be breached is when your counselor knows that you intend harm to self or others. We must keep your physical safety paramount.

Professional Education

All our counselors undergo ongoing professional development and training, and have regular professional supervision. This at times involves presenting an anonymous case to a supervisor, (someone more experienced than themselves) who can assist their professional growth. All therapists should have supervision.

Take Responsibility

The counselor is not your parent. The counselor will generally not contact you between sessions. It is your responsibility to book and arrive at your next session. We appreciate at times people have conflicting responsibilities – if you need to cancel your appointment please give us 24 hours notice.

Suicide Prevention Hotline

If you or someone you know is seriously considering suicide, call the 24 hour hospital hotline: 5011111.