Maximizing Your Counseling

When you come to see a counselor it may be a new experience for you. Counselors are friendly people who are interested in hearing what is happening for you. They are also professionals who can help you help yourself. Just like you would take your financial records with you to see an accountant or medical test reoprts when you see a doctor, the following are ways that you can prepare best for and between counseling sessions.

  • Be on time, and do any homework your counselor sets.
  • Come even though you may not feel like it – these may be  the most helpful sessions, as you face issues that you would rather not!
  • Counseling takes time- budget your time and finances so you can work through issues effectively. Weekly or second weekly visits are generally most effective.
  • Only share with your counselor what you feel comfortable sharing.
  • Keep a journal during the week, so you can remember to bring issues that have come up, to your sessions.
  • Build yourself a support pyramid – develop “safe place” friendships where you can be mutually open and honest about your self.
  • Apply the attitudes of personal growth to yourself.
  • Ask for help – if you have a faith, ask for spiritual strength to move forward.
  • Work towards integration – start behaviors and relationships which mirror the change that is happening inside