Counseling & Coaching 

Da Wen/The Bridge has a number of well trained Chinese and Expatriate Counselors and Coaches who assist ordinary people dealing with extra ordinary life situations.  We ensure that each maintains a high standard, and is engaged in ongoing professional development.

Our Counselors and Coaches assist people to grow personally and professionally. Contrary to what many people think, it shows personal strength, (not weakness) to ask for help when facing difficult  life situations.

A number of concepts can really help you get the most from your counseling. As well, there are a number of attitudes you can adopt in order to maximize your own growth.

Counselors can help children, teenagers, adults and the elderly not only overcome the problems they are facing, but to also use the opportunity to grow into a more mature person. 

Counseling is also helpful in various points of the human life cycle – thriving in singleness, premarriage counseling for those getting married, marriage enrichment and conflict resolution, parenting, divorce, or facing life’s various challenges.

Other topics people seek counseling for include:

  • Stressful Event Debriefing
  • Emotional Managemement - Anger, Anxiety, Depression
  • Past  Trauma
  • Relationship Issues - Marriage, Family and Parenting
  • Grief
  • Transitions
  • Intercultural  Issues
  • Personal Growth
  • Self Esteem and Self Identity