Living Wholeness Training Program
    2018 Intake
    Training start in April 2018

    Introductory Student Information

    Course Overview

    Each class comprises 24 students, who become effective wholistic Counselors. Students with counseling AND training capacity are preferentially selected.

    Students are equipped with counseling skills and knowledge to address a wide range of situations. They also grow as supervisors and trainers.

    The course focuses on the four areas of TASK - personal Transformation,and growing the Attitudes, professional Skills, and Knowledge, of integrated wholistic counseling.

    As part of the program, each student or student cluster develops a sustainable counseling project within their community context.

    The course runs over 4 semesters, with intensive training followed by regular group work, and supervision.

    Students who pass the course requirements will receive a  Diploma in Wholeness Counseling

    The next training commences in April 2018.

    Application Process
    Interested students should apply for a registration pack from framework@dawenchina.com or
    call +86- 871-65300819 and talk to Joy.