The Bridge, Child@Risk/CWF Training Centre is
    hosting the 6th China-wide

    Child Worker Conference (CWC 2018)

    in Changsha, Hunan Province, 24-28 April 2018

    assisted by Changsha En Mei Counselling company

         Changsha Shu Dunzi Education Tech. Limited Co.


    Changing Complex Trauma:

    Becoming You, Loving Yourself and

    Building safe and healing Relationships with Teenagers and Children


    Are you working in schools, NGO’s, orphanages, kindergartens, Foster care,….?


    This conference is for anyone who works with young people.

    Through plenary sessions, a wide range of supplementary workshops and network opportunities with others who work in the same field, the conference aims to equip those who work with young people (young adults, teenagers, and children) to serve with more skills, confidence, support, and understanding from the heart.

    The heart and the innermost needs of human beings are the same anywhere in the world:

    To be seen, be heard, and responded to with love!



    We are very excited to present our comprehensive teaching program delivered by our team of teachers, who are experienced and caring from the heart professionals in their fields. More information will follow !


    The topics of the plenary and workshops:

    Plenary :What is Complex Trauma - Recognising it in Schools and Home:

    Trauma is toxic stress and affects the nervous system, the body, and relationships. Confusing beliefs and feelings create behavioral instability with uncontrollable rage, internally freezing, and inhibiting healthy expression.


    Trauma Pedagogy - So Young People can learn:

    Learning the art of trauma-smart relationships and containing overwhelming feelings is one of the most powerful tools a teacher, carer, or counsellor can have when working with children who have


    Complex Trauma issues.

    Taming the scary monster that the child feels inside

    Recognising toxic relationship dynamics and what to do instead

    How to talk with traumatised kids - Trauma Pedagogy Communication


    Be well and go long- Self Care:

    Always Mindful,let’s practice

    Becoming the best version of yourself - Loving your Inner Child


    Stream: Trauma, attachment and intimacy

    Theoretic Understanding of the Traumatic Experiences a young child can development secondary to Attachment Deficits. How this affects the neuropsychological development that causes issues of impulse/emotional dysregulation and how to reduce that. How early developmental Attachment disruptions will affect teenage/adult intimacy formation


    Workshop: Deepening your Learning, Round-table talk

    Bring your questions about a child you work with, we will use Tina’s Plenary sessions content to find answers and practice skills in interactive role-plays


    Workshop: Sexuality and Trauma: Children and Teenagers

    Understanding how Sexual Trauma affects Children and Teenage developments: Intimacy formation and Sexual/Gender Issues such as Sexual Addictions and Homosexuality


    Workshop: Round-table talk

    Open topic: Any subject matter that anyone wants to bring up will be good

    Can be treated like: Case-management consultation or Case Sharing: Issues of difficult management problems in children homes (for example: sexual exploration/masturbation of the developmentally delayed adolescents.. how not to affect other children and residents in the home)


    Workshop: Online addiction

    Understanding the relationship between Attachment Trauma/Neglect on Addictions. Especially online addictions of teenagers on smartphones and social media as well as online sexual addictions: Theories and practical of prevention and intervention strategies.


    Workshop: Sex education - how to talk with children about sex

    In this workshop we will teach how parents can answer children’s questions related to sexuality and how parents can talk about sexuality to children of different ages. (needs 2 hours)


    Workshop: Un-holdable “Fire” - Anger management

    This workshop helps people understand the source of anger, the price of anger, experiencing the process of managing anger, and make a healthy self-change. (Workshop takes 2 hours)


    Workshop: Educating the Child as a Global Citizen

    Education transforms lives. The mission of teachers and social workers is to empower children to assume active roles to face and resolve global challenges and to become proactive contributors to a more peaceful, tolerant, inclusive and secure world. Join us to discover the Four Pillars of Education and learn what it means to nurture children to respect self and others, to build a sense of belonging to a common humanity and become responsible and active global citizens.


     Workshop: Creative Teaching for 3-6 year olds using the Montessori Method

    The world of the preschooler is one of imagination and magic. Young children between ages of 3-6 learn sensorially. Come and join us in this mock, mixed age classroom and learn how to set up a full complement of hands-on materials and activities that teach life skills such as care of self and the environment, early math, language, science, geography, history, music and movement, etc. Core principles include respecting the child, building independence, teaching compassion, and encouraging a life-long love of learning. Lessons will be based on the Montessori concepts and principles of teaching. A mock-up classroom with hands-on materials will be provided for the first first 20 participants. Late signees are welcomed to join as observers.


    Workshop: Every Word Matters

    Words can cause hurts and words can build others up. Controlling the tongue is self-restraint with words, having the wisdom to know what to say and saying it, but equally knowing when not to speak and saying nothing. One may have great education and learning but not have wisdom. Wisdom, or the lack of it, is what lies behind our conversations. This will be a practice session for teachers and parents who want to work on improving how to speak positively to the children in your care. This workshop will provide a safe place to make mistakes we want to avoid making in the home or classroom, after we learn some important principles of how to speak wisely to our children, colleagues and others, even ourselves. This workshop will also include some time on the topic of “Bullying - you can stop it!”.


    Workshop: Children security (max20people)

    • 1. share about the situation about children being sexual hurt or teased in school (difference between Chinese and western culture)
    • 2. show a lesson about keeping safe
    • 3. how to provide the lesson into child organization, institution, kindergarten, schools etc, to help children to protect themselves
    • 4. Successful ways to prevent children being sexually hurt and to help children to protect themselves

    Hopefully attendants can learn to help children to protect themselves, and that parents and teachers will know how to help children when children get sexually hurt. Our motto is: “let children learn to protect themselves, let parents and teachers learn to help children!”


    Workshop: Non-violent communication

    Nonviolent Communication is a communication process developed by Marshall Rosenberg (USA). It focuses on three aspects of communication: self-empathy, empathy, and honest self-expression.

    Nonviolent Communication is based on the idea that all human beings have the capacity for compassion and only resort to violence or behavior that harms others when they do not recognize more effective strategies for meeting needs.

    This workshop will give a brief introduction into the nonviolence communication model as well as available Chinese books and resources. We will also practice nonviolent communication and look at some practical examples.



     Workshop: Conflict processing

    This workshop will talk about conflict dynamics and dealing with work frustrations. Conflict and tension is a normal part in our life and work, often resulting in personal frustration and heavy exhaustion. This workshop will look at the 9 stages of conflict, and what you can do to help yourself, change yourself and maybe also change others.


    Workshop: Sandtray Therapy

    Use sandtray therapy at school

    Use sandtray therapy in Parent-Child interaction



    Case consultation on trauma pedagogy


    Workshop :

    Rhythmics: Movements in Space – Experimental, Developed, Exercising, Ensuring and Perceiving


    Know Asperger's disease

    Children or adolescents with Asperger's disease are a socially disturbed ethnic group that can easily be misunderstood as disobedient and unintelligent. What exactly is Asperger's disease? How should parents or teachers understand them? How to accompany them to deal with the plight of social, learning and emotion? This workshop provides a basic understanding of Asperger's disease and remedial tips.


    Workshop: How to help children integrate into the community through drama

    This content is not only to guide children's language expression, vocabulary accumulation, moral education and focus on training of performance skills, but also to develop the children's imagination, creation and teamwork and so on by comprehensive abilities training, Drama in Education is used in the teaching or social cultural activities with the use of dramatic methods and drama elements, so that the learning object can achieve the learning goal and purpose in the Drama practice. Education drama focuses on students' participation, appreciating the meaning of knowledge from experience, discovering possibility and creating new meaning from mutual communication


    Please apply for a scholarships when you want to attend, but have financial hardship!

    Early Bird registration until January 31, 2018: 2050 RMB

    February 1 to February 28, 2018: 2150 RMB

    March 1 to April 10, 2018: 2250 RMB


    Donation opportunity: If you would like to support participants who cannot afford the full conference fee, please consider paying full price even though you are an early bird and CWC will allocate the extra money you paid to these participants.

    NOTE: The conference starts in the afternoon of April 24 with registration from 3:00 - 5:00 p.m., and finishes after lunch at 2:00 p.m. on April 28, 2018. Sorry, we can not accept part-time participant

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