Child@Risk Trauma Pedagogy

     Dawen Child at Risk Training Program


     What to expect



    You CAN make a difference !

    We train you …

    1. to bring transformation and healing to Children at Risk from the heart

    2. to train others in your work project


    When and where:

    2018 - 2019 ( 6 times / 9 days), in Kunming and CWC location


    After completion you will receive a ‘Child at Risk Trauma

    Pedagogy’ - Certificate by Austrian Counselling and Training Company


    With Children at Risk we mean the following: Children with emotional and behavioural difficulties, Left behind children, Street children, Orphans, Neglected Children, Special Needs Children, and Complex Traumatised Children


    The Child at Risk Training Program will train you to become an effective and wholistic Teacher, Carer, Social Worker, People Helper or up-skilled Counsellor for Children at Risk. The program is suitable for people actively working with infants, children, youth, and young adults.


    The training content will teach you child helping and child counselling skills, give you insight into child conditions and equip you with self-care skills and personal growth; using the CWF framework and shapes to bring transformation in attitudes, skills and knowledge.


    The program will start in April 2018 and finish in October 2019; it will run 6 times (7 full training days each time, one rest day, one study day); four times in Kunming and two times at the ‘Child Worker Conference’ location.



    Year 2018

    Part 1

    2018.04.23-05.02 (Changsha)

    • Introduction to Trauma Pedagogy for Children at Risk
    • CWC/Child Worker Conference Changsha - Special interest topic study
    • Project Development

           Part 2

    2018.09.13-09.21 (Kunming)

    • Children’s Attachment and Attunement needs
    • Self Care and Personal Growth
    • Self study introduction
    • Child Case Studies and Consultation

    Part 3

    2018.11.12-20 (Kunming)

    • Trauma Pedagogy 1
    • Child Conditions
    • Understanding self and others, Team work
    • Book study presentation
    • Project Development


    Year 2019

    Part 4

    2019.03.18-26 (Kunming)

    • Emotion Regulation with Children
    • Emotions and Adults
    • Book study presentation
    • Child Case Studies and Consultation
    • Project Development

    Part 5

    2019.04.22-30 (Lanzhou)

    • CWC/Child Worker Conference: Special interest topics
    • study Practice teaching or assisting at CWC
    • Child Case Consultation
    • Project development

    Part 6

    2019.10.14-22 (Kunming)

    • Trauma Pedagogy 2
    • Child Case Study and Consultation
    • Train the trainer
    • Project Presentation and Graduation


    Between each of the 6 Parts, participants will attend online ‘Child Case Consultation Groups’, have study assignments, and are required to practice and apply the new learned attitudes, skills and knowledge in their project



    For more information and registration please contact: